Brittany Denton is looking forward to teaching canning and pie making to this years campers.  She is a freelance photographer, mother to a little boy, who volunteers at Poco Farm raising the dairy goats. Brittany is also co-founder of the Handmade Makers’ Market and teaches canning through the Grange workshops series.


Katie Mundle is our farm yoga teacher and will lead stretching and mindfulness classes each morning, and will guide our girls in the check-in and close-out circle each day. Katie has been teaching yoga and coaching girls’ sports for many years, and her more recent interests are vegetable farming and keeping chickens. She leads wilderness exploration trips for teens in the Sierras every summer and works for the Girls Empowerment Workshop and the Thacher School.

Grace Bueti Malloy and her husband Dan have had Poco Farm for two and a half years now.  She got her start teaching kids on farms in 2006 with Steve Sprinkel of Farmer and the Cook. She keeps goats and chickens for the farm’s herdshare and flockshare with the help of Meg and Brittany, amongst others. She works as a midwife’s assistant attending homebirths, is the secretary at the Ojai Valley Grange and a co-founder of the Handmade Maker’s Market, and enjoys knitting, baking and making soap in her free time, especially with kids.