Hello campers and camper parents and friends,


We are so excited to welcome your kids onto our farm! In preparation for the week of camp, here is some important information about what we will be doing every day, as well as what to bring along with you. Please read this carefully!  Thank you!


-Grace, Brittany, Katie, and Greta




Please bring your camper to our back gate on Stockbridge with the following:


A nutritious, plentiful lunch and small snack.

A waterbottle with a name somewhere on it.With ice in it if you want to get fancy.

An unlined medium sized notebook, pen and pencil for drawing.

A pocketknife.  We will teach basic knife safety and skills to the girls.

Farm and work-appropriate clothing. Jeans, shorts or a work-able skirt, closed-toed shoes, a tee shirt, and a light long-sleeved shirt for working in the sun.


A swimsuit and towel.

A yoga mat. We will also have some available for those who don’t have them.

A hat. Preferably wide-brimmed to cover their necks, but a baseball hat is OK too.

We will have a table set up when you drop your camper off on Monday. Each morning you will also sign your camper in and sign them out at the end of the day.

PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD WITH ANY KIND OF SCREENED DEVICE. We will have Grace’s cell phone 805.223.0774 on us for every minute of the day should there be an emergency, you are welcome to contact that. We will take plenty of photos and post them to a photostream that we will invite you all to view.


We will be asking you to sign a release of liability form on behalf of your child when you drop them off on Monday.

Drop off girls by 7:30